New Life; New Blog

I’ve been absent from this blog for so long. What started as a means of coping with multiple pregnancy losses, unemployment, and stress from studying for the bar exam has been forgotten in the chaos of full-time work and raising two small kids. I still love to cook, especially so when I can share that love with my daughters and with others. Sometimes I think about repurposing this blog to capture the ways I adapt or make my own recipes for meals that are kid friendly and can be broken down in steps so that meals can be put together after work and still get the kids to bed at a reasonable time. But then I worry about having the energy at night to keep up with it.

I think the trick is to not let the blog control my life. So here’s what I’m thinking: this blog will be a mix of short and longer posts: I’ll post pictures here from time to time of ways that we’re using our CSA box or garden harvests to help others find ideas for similar ingredients. When time and energy permits, I’ll post pieces that spell out recipes and tips. Here’s to indulging in a little narcissism again!


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