Posted by: CJW | April 11, 2011

Three Rhubarb Recipes on Second City Soiree

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a regular contributor on Second City Soiree. Second City Soiree is brought to you by Chicago hostess, lifestyle writer, and my high school friend, Jennifer Dunham Luby. Every other month, I hope to bring you information about seasonal ingredients along with easy and impressive ideas for using them. First up:

That’s right– rhubarb! Please stop by Second City Soiree for three simple yet surprising ideas for using honey-roasted rhubarb, and not a single one is that old standby, pie. (Not that I have any problem with pie…)



  1. I tried to branch out with a rhubarb crumble this week (in deference to my current home). Meh–not so much. I am sticking with the pie and acknowledging the superiority of American fruit desserts. (Grunt? Slump? Who could not love them with these names?)

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