The Year from Hell

That’s actually an understatement. This year has been one of terrible personal loss, and add to it, I’m a recent law school grad, unemployed and studying for the bar exam to obtain a license I’m not even sure I’ll use in my intended profession. The year is only half over and I’m afraid to see what else it has in store for me.

So why start a blog now? Because cooking has been my one of two saving graces throughout law school (the other being my husband and family– sorry that I’m relegating you to a paranthetical phrase!). It’s how I would unwind from a long day of thinking through complicated legal treatises. I’d find the mechanical motions of chopping vegetables to be a relief from cerebral exercise, the hiss of onions and garlic hitting the pan would coincide with the release of tension from my shoulders, and most importantly, I’d relax and have a good conversation with my spouse to catch up on each other’s day as we ate whatever I put out on the table. It’s also helped regulate the funk I’ve been in due to aforehinted at loss and since I’m reeling from a second, fresh one, I figure this will be a good distraction.

I think what makes cooking such an escape for me is that it gives me a chance to tap into my creative side. I notice that it’s not as much of a release for me during times of extreme stress and time constraints because I’m more recipe dependent. So like a runner hooked on endorphins (or consider this my meth), why not try to maximize my high when I need it most by trying to live recipe free? I’ll still religiously read food blogs and watch cooking shows for inspiration, but my goal is to know flavor combinations and techniques well enough that I can throw stuff together based on what’s on sale at the store, what’s in my fridge, and during the summer– what’s in my CSA basket and available in my husband’s vegetable garden.

Like any good law student, I have to make a disclaimer: I am not a professional cook, nor do I claim that what I put on my table is good enough to replicate at home. This is really more for my personal reference when I stumble upon something that I liked so I can repeat it. If you think it sounds tasty, you’re welcome to try it out and let me know your suggestions on how to improve.

Thanks for joining me!


4 thoughts on “The Year from Hell

  1. Shannon L. says:

    I think this is such a great idea, especially since I often cook the same way. I really love the postings and look forward to more yummy ideas for my own kitchen. 🙂

  2. CJW says:

    Thanks Miranda! I meant to tell you that I'm insanely jealous of your having freshly caught salmon while you're in Alaska this summer– sounds so good!

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